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Power duos

Supertype debuts on Type Network with two super families.

About supertypesupertype®

We are a partnership of type designers and font developers, working from Berlin. When we aren’t busy designing retail typefaces, we are busy designing custom fonts.

Typography is everywhere in communication design. You may go without a picture, even color, but you can’t do without type. That’s why type is maybe the most powerful tool in design. Just by choosing the right font — or having one custom designed — your you can improve your impact, enhance meaning, ideas or even a help express a company's culture. This is our aim, to provide you with the typefaces that work best for you. After more than 20 years in typography, our experience is reflected in our work and our references for both our custom typefaces (such as for the German Federal Government, awarded by the iF International Forum Design) and retail fonts (like Profile®, awarded by the Type Directors Club, New York).

Type designer, specialist logo design

Jürgen Huber

“Ich bin kein Berliner” though I've spent much of my adult life in this city, after winning my first award for the design of the logo of Germany‘s Federal Government. I’ve been educated in Communication Design at the University in Essen (literal translation: food) where Professor Volker Küster sparked my interest for typography and type design. In my professional life, many years at MetaDesign, Berlin, I always stayed close to the subject becoming Type Director and Type Designer. Next to supertype I am a professor for typography at the HTW University, Berlin.


Type designer, font developer

Martin Wenzel

“Ich bin ein Berliner”, still, I have spent quit a few years of my life in the Netherlands. The first five I studyied typography and communication design at the KABK Royal Academy, the Hague. Then, after earning my degree I worked for Petr van Blokland for seven years, where I drew lots of letters and learned more Python. For more than ten years I'm back in my home town, working as a full time type person. Next to my work at supertype, like Jürgen Huber, I’m teaching typography to communication design students at the HTW University, Berlin.